Royac Wit


Region: IGP Cévennes

Grapes: 40% Chardonnay, 20% Chardonnay old vines, 25% Sauvignon blanc, 15% Viognier

Vineyard: The vineyards are located in the Cévennes region, above the Mediterrean Sea, between the cities of Avignon and Nimes, nearby Uzès. The area’s terroir is charcterized by low limestone hills studded with calcareous rock and spare clups of wind-beaten vegetation.

Vinfication: Traditionnal vinification with controlled temperature fermentation.

Tasting notes: It’s a decadent wine with sensual body, so its stands up against dishes and flavours when other wines might fall flat. Dispite its body, it still has great acidity, making it perfect for cutting the richness of cream dishes.

Food pairing:

Packaging: Europallets 105 X 6 X 75cl