FIN Malbec del Fin del Mundo

Region: Patagonia

Grapes: 100% Malbec

Vineyard: Bodega del Fin del Mundo in Patagonia, Argentina is surrounded by a barren desert. 870 hectares of extremely healthy vineyards in the Patagonian desert on soils of sand and stone and rocks. The vineyards were planted from 1999. Through pressure irrigation with water from the Neuquén river, a river consisting of melt water from the Andes mountains, the poor soils are fed. A temperature difference of more than 20 ° C between day and night; modern technology, use of the spectacular Patagonian terroir, everything is there to satisfy the drive for quality. The harvest takes place in the months of February to April. Intense sun rays on the almost clear sky ensure a perfect ripening of the grapes. Low humidity and scarce rainfall keep the vineyard exceptionally healthy. Grapes with a very good balance that give color, acidity, aromas and structure to the wines. Wines with a personality and consistent style.

Vinification: Manual harvest. All the grapes come from 1 vineyard. Peel maceration for 35 days with permanent temperature control. Complete malolactic fermentation. Further maturing for 18 months in French and American oak barrels.

Tasting notes: This is such a Malbec that seduces you with just its fragrance: intense aromas of violets, mint leaves, damask plums and a dash of licorice and spiciness. Roasted touches and impressions of tobacco. On the palate a powerful and at the same time elegant touch with a lot of suppleness. Tannins in a velvet jacket and prunes, violets and spiciness that comes back. A not-to-be-missed deliciously complex Malbec.

Food pairing: An ideal companion for red meat, grilled meat or a charcuterie dish.

Packaging: Europallets 100 X 6 X 75cl